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Welcome to The Pseudoverse, where all of my works will be posted. I am ‘Red’ McCloud, a wannabe polymath who’s spent the last five years of their life trying to bring to life a fictional universe that sprouted in my mind as a child. I have been mulling over and refining these concepts and ideas for long enough, and now, after a few failed starts and ugly attempts at writing when I was younger, I am ready to show the world what I can do.

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair

My debut novel.
Corey Zolagg has finally found something resembling peace. The horrors of her conscription are slowly fading away, and her future seems brighter than ever. A new decade is on the horizon, she’s finishing college, and her partner has showed her there’s some good in this cold world.

But good things never last, and sometimes, Corey thinks, the world really is just black and white.

An anthology series surrounding members of a pseudo-religious sect in a future too close to our own. Not even remotely close to finished. I’ve tried to write this damned juggernaut at least 11 times, so hopefully, the 12th time’s the charm, eh?


And much, much more.
Stay tuned.

My personal Twitter is @THE_PSEUDOVERSE (and yes, I saved that @ for like 3+ years in advance, sue me). Don’t follow unless you wanna see lots of shitposts ‘n stuff. I warned yah.