Arc One: Fade To Black

  • Episode One: A Universe Of Hurt
  • Episode Two: Outer Demons
  • Intermission 1: Starlight
    • Part One: Fauxnix (12/25/2016): A crippled detective is given another chance and a new name; Montreza Nappleton. Nappleton? Really? That sounds like a fuckin’ diaper company’s name!
    • Part Two: Smokeless (12/25/2016) UNDER CONSTRUCTIONMobile again, Montreza begins to investigate one of her two cases; the theft of a painting worth millions, right here in Lyon, under INTERPOL’s very nose.
    • Part Three: Ghosted (12/25/2016) UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Montreza gets into a pickle and ends up taking a very long and uncomfortable flight, and her story ends here, for now.

Arc Two: The Gap

  • Episode Three: Pale Moonlight
    • Part Eleven: A Soft Return (2/25/2017): One month has passed since Kolt, Velent, and Theo were taken into the custody of the LRG, and while things are normal for a while, things never last.
    • Part Twelve: Warren World (4/25/2017) UNDER CONSTRUCTIONKolt Saudwell is sent to a lagomorph-infested planet by INTERPOL to follow a lead that hopefully leads him to a man everyone seems to be looking for. It doesn’t. It just leads him into more pain.