A 25-part web serial about cocky aliens, unsure sexuality, absurd conspiracies, clay bricks, and finding love in the worst places. That last part was a lie. Let’s get funky.

All good things come in pairs.

Time for a reboot.

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A universal running battle against an enemy of unknown proportions.

The Confederacy never died.

The Fourth Reich was torn apart from the inside.

Humans are the minority.

First contact was made in 1912.

The secret behind teleportation has been discovered.

The galaxy is falling apart at the seams.

Thousands die each day.

The year the end began, was 2075.

And all we know, is that things are about to get really, really funked up.

pseudofunk final logo

Pseudofunk is a satirical biopunk hard sci-fi web serial set in a universe alternate to our own, to a future that’s close enough to smell, and maybe touch if one gets on their toes and reaches reeeaaaal far.

If you like it, tell your friends!

If you don’t like it, don’t tell your friends!

The possibilities are endless(ly limited between two binary choices)!

The story gets extremely dark at times, and as such, reader discretion is advised.

The book will be updated on the 25th of every two months, and every five parts will be an Episode. There will be 25 parts in total, in five Episodes, not counting intermissions,  .5 parts, detours, side tracks, bad ends, alternate realities, so on, so forth. Fan fics, if I think they’re good enough, will be added as canon as time goes on. Fan art is always welcome, no matter how ‘bad’ you perceive it to be.

So sit down, relax, and read about how knives hurt and bricks are bad for your teeth. Enjoy.

ART BY THE WONDERFUL: http://grimusaur.tumblr.com/

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